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American Working Families endorses Gene Green for Congress

U.S. Representative Gene Green is a Democratic congressman representing the Twenty-Ninth Congressional District in Texas. Green sits on the important Energy and Commerce Committee. Most important, Green has been a solid advocate for working families from Day One in Congress. American Working Families supports Gene Green for Congress as our first endorsed candidate in 2016 because voices like his must continue to be heard in the halls of Congress.

This year, Green faces an unusual primary from an opponent who once served on Houston's City Council but decided to run for sheriff before his term was over. Under his watch as sheriff he partnered with ICE and tore families apart with deportations and 2 of every 5 murders, 90% of rape and robbery cases, all went unsolved. And then he just quit to run for another office. Now that he lost his campaign for mayor he has decided to run for Congress. It is clear that Adrian Garcia has chosen to put political ambition ahead of doing the job he had already been elected to do.

American Working Families endorses Green because he is a trusted voice for working families who has never quit fighting for them or quit working at the job he was elected to do.


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