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American Working Families endorses Ruben Kihuen for Nevada's 4th Congressional District

Primary Victory in Nevada's 4th Congressional District! On to November! A Nevada assemblyman, Ruben Kihuen has been an advocate for working-class people and he's exactly the right kind of person we need in Congress. AWF is excited to endorse Kihuen as a trusted voice who deserves a promotion to fight for us in Congress.

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Victory in Pennsylvania for Santarsiero!


We are thrilled to announce that last night our endorsed second endorsed candidate of the year, Steve Santarsiero was victorious, in his primary campaign for Pennsylvania's 8th Congressional District. Thanks to your help we were able to help a proven progressive take the first step towards winning in November.

Santarsiero will now challenge Republican Brian Fitzpatrick, brother of retiring Republican congressman, Michael Fitzpatrick. Like his brother before him, he cannot be counted on to support progress for working families in our nation. It is imperative that we redouble our efforts and elect Steve Santarsiero to Pennsylvania's 8th Congressional District.

With your help, we can be victorious in November. Take a moment right now to pitch in to our effort by clicking above on our "Donate Now" button! Thank you for your continued help with our fight to be a voice for American working families.

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New TV Ad for Steve Santarsiero

by Bud Jackson

American Working Families will be airing this television ad in support of our endorsed candidate for PA-08, Steve Santarsiero.

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American Working Families endorses Steve Santarsiero for Congress

by Bud Jackson

Steve Santarsiero is a respected state legislator and former high school teacher who is running to be the next Congressman from Pennsylvania's 8th Congressional District.

American Working Families endorses Steve Santarsiero for Pennsylvania's 8th Congressional District. Santarsiero is the candidate we most trust to stand on the side of working families. He has been endorsed by PA Gov. Tom Wolf, Sierra Club, and a number of unions. We proudly stand with them and urge people to vote Steve Santarsiero for Congress.

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Gene Green (Re-Elected!)

by Bud Jackson

This evening voters in Texas’s 29th Congressional District made a wise choice and re-elected U.S. Representative Gene Green who has never stopped fighting for them since he was first elected more than 20 years ago. We supported Green because of his steady commitment to fighting for working people and the jobs that provide for them and their families.

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Not Our Voice

by Bud Jackson

U.S. Representative Gene Green is a Democratic congressman representing the Twenty-Ninth Congressional District in Texas. Green sits on the important Energy and Commerce Committee. Most important, Green has been a solid advocate for working families from Day One in Congress. Gene Green for Congress is our first endorsed candidate in 2016 because voices like his must continue to be heard in the halls of Congress.

Watch our spots:

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American Working Families endorses Gene Green for Congress

U.S. Representative Gene Green is a Democratic congressman representing the Twenty-Ninth Congressional District in Texas. Green sits on the important Energy and Commerce Committee. Most important, Green has been a solid advocate for working families from Day One in Congress. American Working Families supports Gene Green for Congress as our first endorsed candidate in 2016 because voices like his must continue to be heard in the halls of Congress.

This year, Green faces an unusual primary from an opponent who once served on Houston's City Council but decided to run for sheriff before his term was over. Under his watch as sheriff he partnered with ICE and tore families apart with deportations and 2 of every 5 murders, 90% of rape and robbery cases, all went unsolved. And then he just quit to run for another office. Now that he lost his campaign for mayor he has decided to run for Congress. It is clear that Adrian Garcia has chosen to put political ambition ahead of doing the job he had already been elected to do.

American Working Families endorses Green because he is a trusted voice for working families who has never quit fighting for them or quit working at the job he was elected to do.

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About That Election.

by Bud Jackson

November 4th was pretty demoralizing for most of the country, but there are a few important bright spots we should mention for Working Families.

First, Scott Brown was rejected by the people of yet another state, as New Hampshire voters chose to re-elect Working Families Champ Jeanne Shaheen instead of Pretender Scott Brown. We'll keep an eye out though in case he tries to take his show to yet another state for the future.

Also the people of Pennsylvania chose to elect Tom Wolf to be their next Governor, and wisely chose to retire Tom Corbett. With help from groundwork we did in 2012, the voters of Pennsylvania held Tom Corbett accountable in 2014 for cutting tens of thousands of children from health care, and slashing schools by more than $1 billion while giving out unfair tax-breaks and new jobs to his corporate friends and campaign donors.

Unfortunately Scott Walker was able to pull the wool over the eyes of the people of Wisconsin yet again, and he will most likely try to Make Things Harder for the American people next by running for President. We will be there to stop him though.

The results show we have our work cut out for us, and we'll need to fight even more hard to protect working families from the attacks that are sure to follow.

The fight has only just begun.

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We did it!

by Bud Jackson

Last night was incredible. Thanks to your support, Marty Walsh will represent the working people of Boston as their new mayor. And the Tea Party extremists were shot down in Virginia thanks to new Governor Terry McAuliffe. Congratulations to the fighters for working families who won up and down the ballot across the country! With the minimum wage raised in New Jersey, to new mayor Bill de Blasio in New York, it was a fabulous night for progressives across the country.

They were able to do it in part thanks to help from people like you. And so was American Working Families.

But we're just getting started.

We'll continue to stand with those who stand shoulder to shoulder with American working families in 2014, and we'll take on those who make things harder for working families. With your help we'll keep up the fight -- so stay tuned.

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Dropkick Murphys new TV ad supporting Marty Walsh

by Bud Jackson

Boston's iconic band "Dropkick Murphys" who endorsed Martin Walsh for mayor have cut a television ad combining their support for Walsh and love for the Red Sox. American Working Families, an independent organization supporting Walsh, produced and paid for the production and airing of the commercial.

DKM rewrote the lyrics to their famous "I'm Shipping Up to Boston" to "Marty Walsh for Mayor" and made a television commercial based on their recording session. The "Marty Walsh for Mayor" spot also includes a couple of humorous moments, including one where Marty Walsh's image replaces Boston police officer Steve Horgan from David Ortiz's famous grand slam earlier in the American League Championship series. The spot concludes with a cheer of "Go Sox!"

Marty Walsh for Boston from Jackson Group Media on Vimeo.

Listen to the audio-only mp3 here:

Television stations have already received the ad via Extreme Reach.

"I've known Marty for 20 or 25 years," said Dropkick Murphys lead singer Ken Casey. "The band doesn't get involved with changing their songs just because they might believe in [a candidate's] political beliefs. We're really here to help Marty because he's a good guy.

"He goes above and beyond as a person," continued Casey. "He does a lot of things behind the scenes that no one will ever know about. I'm supporting Marty Walsh the human being who cares, whose heart and soul goes into this. He's a man of the people. He's what we need. He's perfect to be the mayor of Boston."

"Marty actually did a duet with the Dropkick Murphys at his event at Florian Hall. He can sing like no other," joked Casey. "I hope he becomes mayor because otherwise he may be gunning for my job."

The ad will appear on weekend news and sports programming.

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